Welcome to FORAVA – your destination for luxury modern fashion accessories.

Reem Ashraf, Founder of Forava Fashion Accessories


With a passion for fashion, Reem Ashraf, a Dubai-born modest fashion enthusiast, founded FORAVA, to create a platform for 'Ava' (the Latin word for Eve and the embodiment of woman kind).


We sought to design and produce only the highest quality in head and neck apparel; from authentic Pashminas, unique Neck Scarves and Shimmery Shawls, to Hijab accessories and Turbans for women in the Middle East.


Our accessories are not only for modest wear, they are designed to suit every modern lady’s style!


Born in the UAE with unique luxury fabrics from all over the world, FORAVA strives to offer you a luxury online shopping experience with a glamorous collection of elegant designs that are also effortless for the busy modern woman.


And we’re only just beginning! We plan on expanding the collection to encompass many more fashion accessories to give you the instant glamour that you deserve!.